Thursday, 15 December 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

More catching up with the photos... Early Sue had a great idea of adding hearts to her purple shirt quilt. There weren't enough fabrics left over to have a heart in every square, besides, I think it might have looks really busy that way... a little random spreading of the hearts came out really well, don't you think.
Irene has gone back to working on her grandson's quilt. These strips will be part of the piano key border... one of my favourite kind of borders and great for using up any extra yardage (I guess we should say metre-age?)  Irene sewed long strip sets before cutting them into these segments... hoorah for speed piecing!

Krafty Karen is making a small lap quilt. She needs 12 Hour Glass blocks, which were done last week, and 12 Churndash blocks, each measuring 6" that she was working on this week... cute eh! This quilt should be a fast finish now that Karen has her New Juki machine at home... no pressure Karen... ha ha ha
This shouldn't shock you... not one tiny bit, the newly re-named "Last Minute Chris" decided there's need for another Christmas finish... my goodness she puts herself under pressure... This sofa throw quilt needs 8 Ohio Star blocks, each one 9", some lovely sashing and a little cunning border treatment, maybe... depends how much sleep Chris needs! Ho ho ho.

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Maggi said...

I agree with you about the hearts, much better to leave some plain squares, also handy for quilting space. Irene's piano border looks nice and bright, great type of border, I'm with you again on that. Looks like Karen is going to be working her new Juki hard and it's a good job for Chris that the blocks she has chosen are relatively quick to piece.