Monday, 19 December 2011

Quilty Quarters

42 x 15inch squares, just the right size, that was my plan. Except with 1/4" taken from each side for the seam allowance, they're 14 1/2" each, which leaves the backing short, duh!... I rooted and rooted in my draw of 2 1/2" strips (it's the blue plastic draw you can see on the shelf to the left there) I found an abundance of red strips... problem solved... a 5" wide strip added to each side before the last round of squares and it's going to be just perfect.
I have to use those steps to reach the top, the quilt is about 90" x 100"
See the 3 cushion bases on top of the plastic drawer stack, they've been waiting for patchwork covers for 2 years now! The fact that they are in Quilty Quarters means I must be thinking about making them eh... I've a commission quilt coming in to be quilted tomorrow and I want to quilt and finish this crumb quilt, it's called "A Trip Down Memory Lane" a huge quilt, before I even start rooting for the right fabrics for the cushions... busy, busy, busy...

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Annabelle said...

Oh my! What an enormous quilt. I am also trying to finish cushions to go with quilts and will be up until Xmas and still not get them done. Love the colours - my favourites - and a Bernina 5 you say? Looking right now!