Thursday, 22 December 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

What a wonderful day we had... festive hats, silly musical ornament adoring machines and tables and a very cheery atmosphere filled the room (even the heating worked!) as we stitched all, all all day long... very much fun indeed.  We had a rather wonderful Pot Luck Lunch followed by my most favourite present game, oh did we laugh!!! It's my most favourite game to play...

Gail brought in her finished festive cushions and table runner quilt to show us. She's thrilled to bits to have her new walking foot, it means she is able to continue sewing at home. She's debating whether to make a king size quilt next or whether to play safe and try a double bed size... hmmmm, I know which one I would choose as my second quilt project.

Lynda made a good start with her new project, I hope it's not needed for a Christmas present. She loves all the bright colours and will make a Pineapple Blossom quilt. She cut out lots of 2" strips so that she could mix them up, the pineapple-y bits will be pale blue, you can see the fabric, it's the 3 1/2" square in the middle at the top of the picture.

You won't be surprised to hear that I didn't take many pictures, I forgot... We had a lovely day, we have such lovely ladies you see. This is the last Caverswall Quilt Cave post of this year. Most of us will be enjoying "Sewing Prevention Season" for at least few days... you can be sure that I will.
We meet again on Wednesday 4th January, 2012... weather permitting, of course!

Just left to wish you all a happy and healthy last few days of 2011... I'll post again about Quilty Quarters or any other quilt related things that happen, if they happen, oh... of course they will happen!!!
Happy Holidays!!!!

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Maggi said...

Hope you are enjoying today and that 2012 is filled with creativity and laughter.