Monday, 5 December 2011

Quilty Quarters

Saturday morning I decided to tidy up my Quilty Quarters. I started with the ironing board, ironing the pile of clothes waiting on top and all the shirts hanging from it... putting the ironing board away makes Quilty Quarters look bigger, tidier and makes it easier to open the doors on the cupboard containing most of my fabric stash... big mistake? Oh yes... I started rooting, rooting, rooting. Maybe it's time to prepare for sandwiching my crumb quilt? Yes it is!! I found several pieces of fabric that would have been good, but if I used them, I wouldn't have them any more... yes, I have issues! I decided to make a pieced backing with reds. I calculated that 6 x 7 of 15" blocks should be big enough... 42  x 15" squares... shockingly... I have more than 42 red fabrics!!! I'm working on it, cutting one 15" square from each fabric... I'll bring you a progress report as it happens.

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