Friday, 30 December 2011

Quilty Quarters

A few more hours in Quilty Quarters and I'm almost done with the centre of this baby quilt. It's in three sections at the moment. I need to finish the blanket stitching on the name... actually, I haven't started stitching the name yet but the lovely hearts are done, I love 'sticky stuff n blanket stitch' appliqué, don't you? Once the name is done the three parts will be stitched together and a three inch border added... and then the backing, oh, and the sandwich will be made, the quilting will be done with free motion, the binding made and stitched and lastly the label to be made... I wonder whether people who order custom quilts actually realise how much goes into making them? hmmmm... not very likely is it, good job I love what I do eh!

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