Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Bargello Bonkers

We've all come to the conclusion that Princess Jackie doesn't actually sleep... Last week this quilt went home as strip sets, some had been cut, some not... only a few strips had been sewn together, just to see how the Bargello design works... This week the top was sandwiched... alongside another quilt of Jackie's... coming up in the next post... surely no time for sleeping?
Early Sue had said that she felt she had lost her quilting 'Mojo', just for a little while... it happens to everyone at times... but now, after working on her very own Bargello, made with only half of a stunning Moda Batik Jelly Roll, she feels she's found her missing 'Mojo'... she's on a Bargello Roll as there are more planned... but larger quilts!
Lovely Lyn, if you remember, last week had made a cushion cover with the Bargello design/method... she just wanted to have a go... It must  have been a very good 'Go' because this week, she also purchased a Moda Batik Jelly Roll and started to do the necessary stripping. There's a buzz of excitement about these, very simple to make yet superbly stunning quilts!


Maggi said...

I love Bargello designs. Belated happy birthday by the way. Hope you had a lovely day.

msstitch01 said...

Your Bargello quilts are truly inspiring. So much so that I had to pop down to my local quilt supply store this afternoon to buy a jelly roll of batik fabric to try to make my own.
Keep up the great work and fabulous photos!!!