Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Stitching News

One of the great things about doing a workshop in Angie's Very Own Quilt Shop Classroom, (and yes I'm saying so, all for my very own self! he he) is that if you need more help after the workshop day, you can book a normal weekday class session and I will try to  help you. That's what some of the ladies did. Here's the fruits of their labour...
Afternoon Judith's, finished!
Ann Baker's, just needs quilting... see the mitred corners, they turned out perfect!
PM Pam's as she quilted it.

Jean Bean started a new project and these are her fabrics. She has two of the Log Cabin blocks made and needs 18 more... Jean was very pleased when she noticed that
'chunky logs make the quilt grow fast!'

Recently retired Chris... (Does that mean she has loads of spare time?...
Oh No It Doesn't!" ... oooh you answered that very quickly, he he he)
enjoyed her first class, she took to rotary cutting very easily and sewed perfect, straight, 1/4"  seams, fantastic skills for perfect patchwork. 

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