Wednesday 30 January 2013

Bargello Bonkers

Princess Jackie's finished Bargello lap quilt... and what a stunning quilt it is. Very worthy of a trumpet fanfare... toot toot toot.. Jackie has already moved on to make her next project... it will, for sure, surprise you... the fabrics are not what you would probably expect.
Giggly Gillian is back from her travels, she's been aaaall the way to London!  Stuck at home on her return, with the snow, Gillian was able to finish her lap size Scrappy Bargello... Toot Toot Toot... she thoroughly enjoyed making this quilt and intends on making a lager Scrappy Bargello some time soon.
Lovely Lyn finished the centre of her Bargello quilt. She had wanted it to be a square but it was slightly longer than it was wide, a little creative thinking?... Oh boy can we be creative when we need to... usually a few 'Mathemisms' to do but that always falls on yours truly... anyway, a long story cut short, Lyn has taken the new quilt top, new shape, home to see if it now fits the bed it's going to be covering, this story will be continued...

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Maggi said...

I love Bargello designs and these are great examples.