Friday 18 January 2013

Stitching News

There might just be a 'Snow Day Sew Day' or two coming up... ladies were flocking to Angie's Very Own Patchwork And Quilting Shop to buy fabrics just in case they get snowed in... I hope they remembered to buy other essentials like bread and milk as well... ha ha ha
PM Pam needed a few essential quilting supplies and she brought in her finished appliqué flower to show to us. Pam's decided to have a go at appliquéing some of the other blocks in the pack with a view to making a whole quilt... very exciting!
In class, Angie Not Me worked on her appliqué flower and was ready to learn how to make the mitred corners on the borders but we just ran out of time. Meanwhile Angie's's hand stitching all the Cathedral-ly Window-y bits on this 10 Minute Block quilt top, fabulous colours!
Princess Jackie came in search of essential fabric... borders, binding and backing fabrics for her Bargello... this quilt top was still being cut on Tuesday! With the 'Snow Day Sew Days'  coming up, this beauty will probably be finished next time we see it.
Lovely Lyn, with the help of Princess Jackie, proudly held up her Bargello cushions fronts... there was supposed to be only one cushion made in order tolearn how to 'Bargello' but, as happens to lots of us... Lyn made the second cushion because she loved the first... fabulous!

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msstitch01 said...

Have just discovered your blog and now want to go back and look at your older posts to see more beautiful quilts. Your lovely customers and yourself make some stunning pieces. Nice to hear about snow etc. when we are experiencing 45 degree plus weather here in Sydney Australia.