Monday 28 January 2013

Stitching News

Chris The Foot has all of her gift quilts sorted out now so she was able to do a little more piecing of her Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope blocks. She seems to think that she has a whole year in which to finish her quilt, with it being made of Christmas-sy fabric that is... I think she's forgotten just how fast the clock ticks!
Shirley Lerly is also working on her Kaleidoscope blocks... she's making thousands of them. During the workshop each quilter was able to choose what size blocks to make and, obviously, the smaller the blocks made the more blocks they got out of the fabric... it's not really thousands... it just feels that way... they're turning out quite lovely.
Fran treated her very own self to one whole day of stitching with the Friday Quilt Club Ladies... she's normally needed elsewhere after lunch so it was really a great treat to quilt all day long. She sandwiched this fabulous Charm Pack kiddy quilt good and early and took it home almost finished.
Maid Marion had finished her appliqué flower and had added some cute little bug buttons as embellishment, I hope you can spot the ladybird, the bee and the dragon fly? Something else I hope you notice is the Satin Stitching... variegated thread goes quite stripy stitched this way.
This Hunters Star block belongs to Dotty Maureen... she's going to be making a quilt  with only this block... I think it will look rather stunning... we can watch the progress and, once she's become a master of the Hunters Star block, she's going to offer a workshop on it.

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