Sunday 20 January 2013

Stitching News

We've had our share of snow here, Friday Quilt Club wasn't the usual hive of activity but those who did brave the roads had a great day.
As you can see, Helen made full use of every table around her. She's making a double size quilt for a friend using two Jelly Rolls, they're Independence Trail from Moda, which is proving to be very popular.
Jenny Barlaston braved it too, only because she had prepared her packed lunch in advance though, he he he. She also had loads of space for spreading out and was able to finish this quilt top and make a sandwich to go... So that was one sandwich to come with one to go home with, both completely different, he he he 
Joan joined quilted borders to her Fishy quilt and Gail started to practice her free motion quilting until her chauffeur came to collect her as the snow just kept falling and he thought she might end up staying the night... 
The roads cleared a bit in the afternoon though, so everyone got home safe and problem free.

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