Monday 21 October 2013

Mrs Lady From Derby

We've had visitors... Mrs Lady and Mr Man From Derby... it's always fun when they pop in to visit at My Very Own Patchwork And Quilting Shop. As usual they were armed with finished projects to show to us and, of course, I remembered my little camera... but only three times, there was more but I'm easily distracted!
The Railfence design... a winner every time. There's a 3D thing going on with this colour way... Do you see it? This project is extra special as it's a quillow... all of the lap quilt folds into a little pocket on the back so it can double up as a cushion/pillow... don't tell PM Pam... you know what will happen there don't you!! he he he
Kaleidoscope blocks, stunning every time, don't you think?
This project isn't strictly a quilt as it has no wadding... It wasn't needed because it's going to be used as a table cover... I'm wondering what happened to the other 4 blocks now?
Taa Daa Mr Man From Derby was an exhibit all by his very own self!!!
He had requested a waistcoat and Mrs Lady happily made one for him... A patchwork beauty, complete with fancy stitching and a buckle on the back... He looked splendid and we were ALL allowed to stroke the fabrics!!! woooohooo what a giggle we had.

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