Monday 28 October 2013

Quilty Quarters

The next two Saturday Workshops are Quilt-As-You-Go with double sided binding followed by a Dresden Plate cushion. I do have a sample of the Quilt-As-You-Go... it's been on our sofas for over ten years having lived in three different countries and 5 different houses... it's quite bedraggled!! ha ha ha 
I decided to make a new sample and after many hours of my favourite activity of rooting, I decided to cut into my gorgeous orange-y-pink-y-yellows... I dug out all the strippy scraps from my strip bin that could play too. Oooooo I love this quilt, happy happy happy colours! The other side is a calm, but fabulous green... The sample quilt is not finished, I haven't decided how big to make it yet... a great advantage of apartment quilting... keep going and adding until you're happy!.. but it's at a perfect stage to be my sample for Saturday so I moved on...
Customers had made a bit of a mess with one of my Charm Packs.. not on purpose mind... they do tend to look a little scruffy on the edges after being flicked through to see the fabrics... this messy Charm Pack followed me home... little tinker fell into my bag... it was perfect for my workshop sample.
I made the cushion with a lovely back side, picture below this, and had enough Charm squares to make another cushion. If you don't use any of the charm pack fabrics on the back side, you can make 4 large cushioned Dresden Plate blocks.
Taa Daa the back side
Taa Daa, the front and I absolutely love it!

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Helen said...

Very cheerful Dresden Plate cushion. I remember some of those Orange fabrics!!