Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Stitching News

Christabelle's Kaleidoscope blocks are now done. There was a case of a missing triangle, which never did turn up, so Chris had to cut a new one... you would never know which  block it happened to though as it was all done with precision cutting... very precise indeed. 
PM Pam continues to add to her lovely cushion portfolio... this one whipped up, quilted and cushion finished in less than a day... fabulous quilting design too, inspired by an article in the new Love Quilting Magazine.
No stopping Pam now... we don't call her the Cushion Queen for nothing.
Here's another cushion top in progress from, what will be, a full set.
Then there's Pam's Christmas Tree Skirts. This is the first one completely finished and ready to be gifted, I think there will be at least four more. I was telling Pam how she should be carrying a tree round with her so that we could all see the real effect! ha ha ha
Lady Judith had finished appliquĂ©ing all of the words on her quilt backing so was able to make a sandwich. The little cross-stitch nursery rhyme blocks were stitched by Lady Judith's Sister-In-Law... so very neat!!
On the left are a few of Christabelle's memory quilt blocks and on the right are Lady Judith's Pineapple Blossom blocks... these ladies all have several projects going on all at the very same time... Can you keep up... I know I find it tricky
These pictures were taken during the afternoon session in my classroom when we had a little calm time... There was a lot gong on during the morning too, alas everyone forgot to remind me about picture taking... see that? I passed the blame quite smartly eh! ha ha ha

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