Saturday 18 January 2014

Merrily's At It Again

Merrily sketches an idea and hopes I can help her make it work. 
Theoretically, it shouldn't be a problem, they are just blocks after all and we can sort out any hiccups as they pop up. Merrily's fabulous Statue Of Liberty Quilt was made the very same way, remember that quilt? 
For this new project, Merrily chose a star block, a ladybird appliqué and a block with Tulips, all meaningful to the young lady it's being made for. Once the blocks were decided, I suggested Merrily made a sample of the star block... triangles can be tricky and should they have been too tricky to want to make lots more, Merrily could have opted for an easier one... they worked and set the sizes to be used for the appliqué blocks. The first Tulip appliqué was too small for the block, they looked a little lost with all the background, so they were enlarged. The Ladybird blocks needed to be made bigger too so, once Merrily got the goose making perfected, that hiccup was sorted. Block sizes now?... perfect! 
As you can see... the process is going well. Merrily started to put the whole thing together. She wants to quilt it in smaller pieces with apartment joining, so that's what we will do next... more news as it happens!

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