Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Stitching News

Little Annette decided to make a large quilt with the Railfence blocks with a few metres of the last few fabrics we have on sale at £5.00 per metre. She used two and a half inch strips so it grew quite quickly.
My Mum Gwynneth made a new sample kiddy quilt to show off the latest 6" square packs we made. They're still 'Hot Cakes' in my little quilt shop, all cut ready for you to sew. There are plenty of things to talk about on this quilt with 30 different designs in the squares ... quite educational for baby's future!
Fran Cupcake has been making various blocks over the weeks... in between all of her other projects that is. Now there are sufficient blocks to start deciding how to place them... looking rather great eh!
Sandwich Saturdays are proving to be a big success. We've had bookings for every week so far, 6 on the last Saturday in fact. Stephanie Iceland layered her Purple Hunters's Star which was great as PM Pam came in with her blocks at the same time... great action picture, certainly colourful!
Just Edna made her sandwich too, this is a double sided quilt and we each chose our favourite side. The bag is my Birthday quilt, I couldn't really crop it out, did I mention I had a Birthday? he he he
Christabelle was the first sandwich of the day... this memory quilt has so many thoughtful things on it, from music, composers and instruments to hippos and wine bottle corks.... it's huge too!
While the tables were free, Just Edna got out her Kaleisoscope blocks. She wants to use them on point so we played with various settings... this one won!... now we need to do the mathemisms to get it all to fit and play nice.... when I say we... I mean me.

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