Monday, 20 January 2014

Stitching News

Brenda Barbara made two fabulous cushion fronts from beautiful oriental fabric left overs. Each cushion front will be quilted... they phooof up lovely that way and look more luxurious to boot.
Sheila's in the process of quilting her fabulous Mile-A-Minute with Crumbs quilt. With no real pattern to follow it's easier to use an 'all over' design. It can be tricky to follow your idea with seams going in all directions so marking one or two lines is often a good idea. Sheila used a yellow Chaco marker.
Peggy is making a kiddy play mat style of quilt from her new book. The way it's pieced is very similar to the Railfence so she's feeling quite confident with what she's doing. 
I told you in a post last week, that Di Butterfly was making 100's of festive gift labels... boy was I wrong... she actually made miles of 'I want some too' bunting! he he he... what a great idea for the little strips of festive fun. Di bagged out and quilted each square then joined them all for bunting with the red bias binding. fabulous
Michelle My Belle stitched the last few pieces to her artwork then borders and quilting were completed... orders are flowing in for personalised pictures, Michelle had to start her very own blog!
Dam Julie is enjoying making these festive bags. Four now finished there are two more to do. She's getting ahead for the next sewing prevention season... and you might well "tut" but you will be envious of Julie's foresight when it comes to that time... it's only about 300 days away

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