Saturday 25 January 2014

Stitching News

Princess Jackie ran up this "simple little quilt, nothing special"
Those are the words of her very own self!
Nothing Special? It's fabulous and it's finished, therefore it's special!
Toot toot toot Princess Jackie
"Quite Nice"... Princess Jackie again... Quite nice?
It's much more than that, don't you think?
From the Hunter's Star workshop with Dotty to an almost finished quilt top.
Loving those colours and fabric choices!
Rose, she of scone fame, started a new project.
She likes the Log Cabin blocks that Fran Cup Cake has been making so, inspired and raring to go, she made a sample block... there will be more!
PM Pam finished her Hunter's Star quilt top. For such a simple block (and it is simple once you know how) it makes an amazing design, don't you agree?
 I think we'll repeat this Hunter's Star workshop in the future.

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