Sunday, 12 January 2014

Michelle My Belle & Sheila

I would like to take the credit for teaching Michelle My Belle how to make this amazing fabric picture, but it wasn't me... I can only take credit for having a lovely classroom with great light, a convenient light box, a fabulous shop selling wonderfully sharp scissors and the perfect mix of paints fabrics... oh, and a cutting mat that can be ironed! (I'm not going to tell them Michelle, your secret is safe with me!)
It was Sheila who showed Michelle how to do this form of work (remember it was Sheila who made the amazing banner with the barge and bridge scene) Michelle says that, even though it's a lot of tricky and fiddly cutting, it's a very therapeutic project to work on. Michelle raises funds for Rottweiler dog rescue and, once this picture is quilted and finished, it will be sold off to help her fundraising. 
I happen to know there is already a commission picture request waiting for Michelle.
Sheila has very kindly offered to do a workshop for us so that we can all learn how to make quilts from pictures. Obviously it would be a very tricky workshop if everyone brought different pictures so Sheila is going to provide a kit including paints fabrics. This way we can all get the idea of what to do. We will gain all the skills to then work on other pictures of our own choice.
The workshop has been booked for Saturday 24th May and will cost £30.
I will keep you updated on Michelle's progress, Isn't it exciting!

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