Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Stitching News

Maid Marion made all twelve months of the calendar and the necessary numbers to complete every date of every year then gifted it for sewing prevention season (Christmas, if I dare mention it!)
What a wonderful present to receive!!!
I do believe we need a trumpet fanfare for a finish... toot toot toot maid Marion!
Chatty Cathy wanted to make a quick and easy project. She had a Jelly Roll and a picture from the internet so, we doodled, scribbled, calculated, debated measurements and fabric placement... we debated and doodled a lot!!! Once it was all clear, Cathy started sewing... can you see what it is yet?
Joan The Shop continues with her cushion making. Family saw her beautiful Batik cushions and put in their very own orders! Joan's using a Moda Charm pack for these lovelies, Did I mention how much we are loving making these Dresden Plate cushions!! he he he
The one on the left needs a toot toot toot because it's fabulous and it's finished!

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