Monday, 4 July 2016

Quilty Quarters

First of all... here's a little proof that we did see sunshine yesterday!
A whole day without rain.. how very wonderful. 
I had had a plan to go to the craft show at the NEC in Birmingham but that plan flopped at the last hurdle, giving me a free day to play in Quilty Quarters. 
I finished my Cathedral Windows sample ready for the workshop...
I will make another as I now have a few top tips..
stuff I figured out while fiddly-faffing with this one. 
I finished making my Clover Clam Shell pod thing...
I have to say that it gave me a great sense of achievement making this and I will most definitely make more of them.
This is the large size so I will try the small one next.
I made all the 'Bunts' for my Makower Scandi Bunting... I need to hang this in my shop to show people what it is... I ran out of time to stitch it to the Bias Binding though... the men folk came home the dog wanted a walk... you know how it goes... but, all in all, it was a fun day


Trudie said...

Just thought you'd like to know that you didn't miss very much at the craft show at the NEC - I went on Friday and it was only in a half sized hall - nothing like the show that is on in March and November however the problem was that the usual amount of people turned up so it got more and more packed till it got to the point where it was impossible to move.
The aisles were so thin that if there was 2 wheelchairs going in different directions in the same aisle then the aisle was blocked off!
I really don't know how someone wasn't hurt in the crush - then they stopped anybody going in until people left -I went in at 10 am and came out at 11.30am and as I walked out, the queue to go in must have stretched for half a mile.
It was badly organised and one that I wouldn't bother ever going to again - if you take a look on their Facebook page you will see hundreds of comments about how poor and dangerous it was in there - so don't worry you didn't miss much xx

alison o'donoghue said...

I love the cathedral windows :) looking forward to hearing when you are running a workshop on this. Alison