Saturday, 2 July 2016

Stitching News

Emma wanted to learn how to use her new sewing machine.
We worked through the threading and proceeded to stitch bits of fabric scraps together. Good. That was easier than she thought. I asked what she would like to make... the answer... "A leather handbag"... I don't have the skills to teach Emma how to make a leather handbag... plus I don't sell leather! So we made a pretty and extremely useful shopping bag instead!

There's no hiding from this now... It is time to crack on with the festive making...
That's if you want to be ready for this year's Sewing Prevention Season Brenda Barbara's fabulously festive table runner will be finished in good time...
along with 6 co-ordinating placemats!
 All the Christmassy fabrics are in my shop now... so you have no excuse!

Sister Susie pondered a while deciding how to position her letters... it's very important to get them just how you like them, guided by the book of course.... all her applique pieces in place Susie made a good start on the blanket stitching... doesn't it look great in black thread?

Fiona Too had the very same decisions to make, about letter placement that is...
Stitching around the letters takes concentration... it was noted by us all... the two sisters were very quiet... and that doesn't happen often! Fiona is using co-ordinating thread and that looks fabulous too.

Our Sheila arrived, light of luggage... no machine Sheila???
Nope, she spent a luxurious day doing Big Stitch Hand Quilting... I thought you would see it easily but the threads match so well that you're going to have to concentrate on my photo to find the stitches

Farmer Lynda was given a bit if funny shaped farmer fabric, when I say funny shaped... it wasn't funny at all... it had pieces chopped out of it... how rude to give someone wonderful fabric that had been used for their very own needs first!!! ha ha ... Look what Lynda made... A wonderful, and huge, cushion front!

Recently I had a workshop date booked for a sewing machine and desk tidy... It had to be postponed to make space for the Block Of The Month project... Carol is working on a lovely Sewing Machine Desk Tidy in her new Quilt Now magazine, so that, hopefully, we can re-book a new workshop date... 
Oh how I love those fabrics and colours!!!

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