Saturday, 30 July 2016

Stitching & Lace & News

All Day Di has musical chums...the perfect fabric had been collected, time to make the gifting cushions... Di's first chosen design wasn't doing it... whatever IT is... but this second choice was a big hit... Di was happy... all the parts were cut out perfectly (eventually!) it just needs to be sewn together now...
You know.... when we give these stitched gifts to folk... there's no way they can know just how much of us we put into making them is there?...

Farmer Lynda loves Fairies and was delighted to find a kit with everything she needed for a Fairy Quilt... except that she decided to change the shape and the block sizes... we (I) calculated that she had just enough fabric for the new changed design... all was well again... except that I cut some of the fabric strips the wrong size... whilst trying to help!!!! oh my goodness, how red can one face go???? Another plan was hatched!!! 

Dilly popped in to purchase a little more fabric... This 'smaller project' is now going to be a larger quilt... this lady has size issues!!! She promises her very own self... No More Large Quilts for a while... and then she loves a design and can't help her very own self... ha ha ha,
Go for it Dilly!! It needs to be finished for Uttoxeter Quilt Show 2017
My Mum Gwynneth started a Lace Making Group in June, you might very well have seen it advertised in my Workshop list? It's mostly the last Wednesday of each month? Lace Making looks very tricky (especially to me I have to say) but Mum assures me that it is quite easy, you only ever use two pairs of bobbins, that's only 4 at a time... out of that pile of hundreds... If you make lace and you would like to join the group for social Lace Making, email for more details ... If you are a complete beginner we could sort out a class or two to get you going.

And, as it's August on Monday, I thought you might like to know that our Annual Pilgrimage to the Festival Of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham, is on track... the tickets have arrived in good time. The coach is paid for and, I'm guessing they are polishing it for us at this very moment!!! I'm getting exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcited!!!

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