Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Tooting For Farmer Lynda

My Nemesis... That's what Farmer Lynda called this quilt... it's been quite a journey.

It started off with Lynda being persuaded to start a Block Of The Month, not by me. All of the backing fabric was purchased and promptly cut into squares, about ten inches I think... this project was going to be a quilt-as-you-go... quilting each sampler block individually then joining them all together 'apartment-ly'... alas, after only one or two blocks, Lynda knew that it wasn't going to be her thing... she didn't really want to make each block different... despair! she was considering putting it in a drawer... for the rest of forever. We had a chat, we pondered, we shared and then... we gave her permission to please her very own self... She liked the Dutchman's Puzzle block and didn't find it too tricky to make with the No waste flying geese method, so we ran with it. Running out of fabrics several times and changing the colour plan to get round that hurdle... Lynda plodded on and made 25 blocks, all quilted and in a few different designs. Learning the Apartment joining method was easy, there was light!!! The rows were joined... maybe Lynda actually started to like her quilt... it was coming together fabulously... Done! The binding was stitched on... oh this took a few weeks... she had had enough of the quilt... but now... as you see from the photo that Lynda sent to me.. she is ready, the world can see her Nemesis... she sent the email with the photo attached with the title... The Quilt (that I now Love) ...Boom!! success.
Raise those trumpets won't you, good and high... this beauty deserves a toot toot toot from us all, for it is Fabulous and best of all... It Is Finished!!

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