Sunday 11 November 2012

Catching Up...

With a Blogging holiday set in place for last week, I didn't need to worry about remembering to take photos... that's a luxury when when you've got a memory like the one have! I did take a few though and I thought I would post them so you can see that I wasn't sunning myself on any beach, he he he
Rose's... Wow!

Princess Jackie's lap quilt, almost finished...
actually... by now it is most probably finished!

Shirley Lerly's large Bento Box sandwich

Wendy's diamonds, Christmas Tree wall hanging.

Lizi's Kaleidosope blocks, time to trim.

Helen's sampler blocks, with stage coloured sashing.

Joan The Shop's border sandwiches, for the Chocolate Fish Quilt

Barbie's beautiful vase of applique flowers...
Yes, it's exactly like the one she said she would never make again!

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