Sunday 25 November 2012

Tooting, More Tooting!

At Angie's Very Own Patchwork and Quilting Shop And Classroom (Yes... that would be me and the novelty still hasn't worn off!!) we always make time to blow a trumpet fanfare for a finished project... that's what all the tooting is about... If I write "Toot toot toot" you should think loud trumpet fanfare...

This Log Cabin beauty received a loud "toot toot toot" plus a Wow! he he he, It belongs to a customer who pops in from time to time... She blames me for encouraging her to make great pieced backings using up left over fabrics... it takes a little longer to finish a quilt but boy is it ever worth the effort... shame I didn't get a photo of the back to show you eh!

This was made by the same lady, what a fabulous contemporary Christmas Tree!
This wall hanging size quilt will be one of the workshops I will offer next year... Autumn time... ready for Christmas 2013... don't be shouting like that... I know we haven't had 2012 yet... I'm planning ahead!

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