Saturday 10 November 2012

Tooting Tooting... More Tooting

Oh Boy is this ever a special Tooting moment!!!!
This beautiful and most stunning quilt belongs to Krafty Karen
The main fabric Karen used for the Stacking-n-Whacking is Fabric Freedom's Clarice Cliffe inspired range. Karen came to the first of the Stack-n-Whack workshops with her chosen fabric and set about chopping it all up...none of us could have predicted the stunning results, we knew it would be great but... WOW! Within a week of me posting the pictures of Karen's first Kaleidoscope block, the fabric sold out... and no wonder!!! The quilt, in general, has created one challenge after another, a few 'oh no, how did that happen' moments but a little quilty fudge has helped our very determined Krafty Karen finish this stunning quilt... 
Tooting ever so very loud... and she is going to gift it!!!

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