Thursday 29 November 2012

Quilt Cave

The Heirloom quilt that Helen has been working on over the months has produced an incredible amount of surplus fabric ... What a fabulous quilt those left overs have made... Helen's used up tiny bits to make the 6" blocks, they're the ones set 'on-point'. The alternate blocks are 9"... the 'stage grey' sashing is perfect... don't you think?
Kate's been making Half Square Triangles for about 10 years... he he he, of course I am exaggerating but I'm thinking she's made about 2 million HST's by now. All of which will make two most stunning single bed size quilts.
Irene prrressing her almost finished quilt top at the ironing station... now that's a busy little part of our Quilt Cave.. many a world problem has been sorted out over there! he he he
Lynda continued to quilt her Ohio Star quilt... there's a lot of pushing and pulling to get the quilt through the 'hole' of Lynda's machine... chatting to fun folk all round is a great,fun distraction... those ladies on Lynda's table laughed a lot!
Jolly Jo had us all Wooooh-ing... What a stunning Log Cabin quilt!!... Jo needed eight tables to make this quilt sandwich as it measures over102". (It's a good job I stock extra wide wadding eh!) My camera couldn't get a great picture for you (not me, the camera!)... it's not as yellow-y as it looks here, that's the blooming hall lights, some are a funny colour... Lots of the ladies are wanting to make Log Cabin quilts since Posh Lizi left us all speechless with hers.... Now Jo has the mammoth task of quilting this giant beauty... I'll keep you posted on her progress.

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