Wednesday 21 November 2012

Tuesday or Tootsday

This beautiful quilt belongs to Lovely Lyn... at least it does until she gifts it!..  The block is called 'Economy Patch'... that name still baffles me as it uses the same amount of fabric and the same amount of time with lots of fudging skills and many accuracy tips... not economic at all... but we love it! 
Tootsday tooting for New Sue too. This is another Jelly Roll quilt from Sue's book... I must get the  book title... it's a good one as Sue made lots of the patterns in it. This quilt is small lap size and will be gifted very soon... it's 'that' time of year very soon.

Rose (she of scone fame) had us all breathless as she held up her Bargello quilt after a full day of quilting it... The reaction from all those present was... a sharp intake of breath  followed by silence then ... ooooooooooooooh Rose, that is ... stunning, beautiful, amazing, wow, beautiful... etc etc.. I'm still thinking it... Wow Rose!

Lovely Lyn decided to use a Charm Pack (purchased in my very own quilt shop and, "Yes", I do have some more of them, he he he) with the addition of some background fabric Lyn was able to make 8 Churndash blocks measuring 12 1/4" each... cool eh?

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