Saturday 10 November 2012

Visiting Toot Toot Toots

It's really lovely when customers come back to show what they made using fabrics purchased in My Very Own Quilt Shop... when they go to so much trouble I want to toot a fanfare for them too... We love seeing finished quilts don't we? The famous 'Family From Derby' came...
Mrs. Daughter from Derby finished her Charm Square quilt,  a lovely lap quilt that has left her wanting to make more and more projects... he he he

Mrs. Lady from Derby's sampler quilt, the little dog is made from felt.. ahhhhhhhhh. Mr Man from Derby didn't bring a quilt... he only comes along for lunch so... we put him to work and, while the others shopped for fabrics, he held quilts for the photo shoot, what a useful fellow! he he he

Stephanie Iceland, not anything to do with the folk from Derby... invented this quilt 'all by her very own self'... impressive eh! traditional piecing with appliqu├ęs, embellished with snowflakes too...  fabulous border treatments aren't they...

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