Tuesday 13 November 2012

Stitching News

Geoff spied a rare opportunity in his work schedule and booked himself a few hours of stitchy fun time. Given all the detail he has already stitched on his quilt top, including the hand woven carpet there, the project was pulling a little out of shape so we taped it to the table to see whether it would square up... and it did so... happy with the news, Geoff's going to add the other details.

Cynthia (who looks like Bev) was quilting the third main piece of her huge quilt. The other two thirds have already been joined together apartment-ly... and I have to tell you... it's going to be a stunning Toot Toot any time soon... once the border decisions have been made that is.

Scandal in the room... There's another Angie!!! She joined us for her first lesson last week, whilst I was  enduring my blogging holiday, so I couldn't report this news for you... I'm over the shock now though... she's very nice so I will let her stay! ha ha ha. This week 'Angie Not Me' was adding her borders and preparing to sandwich

Toot toot toot for Ann Baker as she finished her extremely long table runner, more that two and a half metres long, and the full set of Christmas-sy cushion covers, all quilted and waiting for the new sofa!

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