Friday 30 August 2013

Stitching News

Peggy finished adding her inner border with a few tricky moments...
  There's always a way!!
We decided that the corner stones looked great so they were prepared too.
Peggy's next class could involve sandwich time!
Barbara BB finished the front part of her festive cushion.
There are so many ways to make a cushion,
Barbara was quite undecided which one to choose.
It will be gifted during 'Sewing prevention season' ...
which is just around the corder as September's almost here
Jackie Janome is getting used to her new little sewing machine now...
 she even talks to it!
During class she trimmed the crusts off her table runner,
made binding and stitched it on.
Jo made me smile... there were tables to spread out on but she's so used to stitching in a tiny space that I found her snuggled up against the wall,
quite happily walking foot quilting her table runner.
She was telling us all about the new things she's picking up by watching YouTube...
What ever did we do without it? Thank goodness for You Tube.  
Morning Judith popped in to show us her latest finished project.
It's another pattern that she purchased at the Festival Of Quiltls
and measures about 6" x 4"... Post card size...
Judith won't be sending it to anyone but her very own self.

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