Friday 9 August 2013

Stitching News

New Sue made a sandwich with her latest Jelly Roll quilt
This is a great one to remember for making with scrappy strips of 2 1/2"
Do you think it's a little bit 'Blue Peter'?
After confusing everyone about Kate's twin quilts that are exactly the same but completely different last week, I am at it again. This is quilt number two being stitched with a new quilting design that happened quite accidentally but it's one we will use over again.
Toot toot toot
This is no ordinary table runner... Barbara BB has toiled and ridden a roller coaster making it.
She never got cross with herself, never tired of a little unpicking and persevered with a smile every week.
I don't think anyone has ever been so pleased and proud to have a fanfare for a finish...
Barbara BB... happy again but feeling absolute disbelief this time that she made something so lovely in only one class! This Ohio Star block will be made into a cushion for gifting... there might even be a set of three?
Jolly Jo finished quilting her paper pieced Christmas Tree wall hanging floor cushion... after patiently tying off several ends and threading them neatly through her work before cutting them off, Jo realised that, as a cushion, no-one will see the back as it will be inside the cushion... quick as a flash... the process was shortened to threading through to the other side and snipping off... much quicker! 

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