Monday 23 June 2014

Moda Bella Solid Fabric

In my very own quilt shop... the one I might have mentioned a few times... I sell Moda Bella Solid fabrics. Fabric companies charge a premium for purchasing half bolts, that's between 25 pence and 40 pence extra per metre, to purchase 7 metres instead of 14 metres on a full bolt. So, I started to purchase full bolts of Bella Solids, to save you money! The problem with that is, full bolts need more room on my shelves... I don't have enough shelf space as it is... So we roll off half of a bolt, approximately 7 metres onto an empty board, wrap it up in it's original packaging, label it and I take it home to store. We came up with a system to help us know when we run out of a colour of fabric in the shop, did we need to order more or was there a half bolt at home. It works well... but it's no longer just the Bella solids stored at home. If I can save you money by purchasing a full bolt and saving 7 metres at home, I've been doing it!...
 I have enough fabric stored to open another shop!!! 

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