Sunday 22 June 2014

Stitching News With Tooting

Kate's Lynda came to play and, lucky for us, she remembered to bring her finished and fabulous Railfence quilt... toot toot toot! I love seeing the Railfence blocks used to make larger quilts. Lynda used Indian Batiks to make the zig-zaggy pattern... with variegated yellow fabric making all the other colours 'pop'
Toot toot toot for a fabulous and finished kiddy quilt made by our very own Barbie. It's a panel, probably vintage as Barbie has owned it for quite some time! She highlighted lots of the detail with black thread, using her darning foot, so she was drawing without a safety net.... FREE-MOTION Barbie!! 
Maid Marion made a start on her little Advent Stockings... a pre-printed panel from Makower. They are a little bit fiddly, if only for their tiny size, but each one finished gave great joy and a whoooot whoooot from Marion, he he he
Kate spotted a quilt in my sale trolleys... by that I mean that she saw perfect fabric with which to make a gifting quilt... After a few mathemisms (calculations) she purchased all the fabric she needed... for a snip at £5.00 per metre. By the end of our Friday Quilt Club day, Kate had all of the blocks cut out. Borders stitched on and corner 'Snowballs' stitched... she even joined some blocks into rows. So... quite a speedy design!
My Mum Gwynneth has decided to make her very own Christmas cards this year. There are such a lot of these little festive squares available... do I need to tell you where from? Mum cut out each little picture, stitched just inside the last little border with metallic thread, you have to have bling on a Christmas greeting card eh! then sat fraying all the little edges ready to stitch them onto cards... quite labour intensive but fun to to while watching the TV or something like.

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