Thursday 12 June 2014

Stitching News

Joan The Shop has been making Snowman Collector blocks for a while now and she's really enjoying doing them. With block 10 almost finished there's only block 11 left to do so Joan wanted to lay them all out to get a good idea of how it will look...
which is fabulous, obviously!
Princess Jackie finished her Log Cabin block quilt top and is using the left over grey fabrics to make a stunning back ready for the quilt sandwich to be made.
 The centre will have this 3D block, which has been popular lately 
Jean Bean, in between helping our lovely customers in their choosing, has continued making these Stargazey Daizies... they were started at a workshop a while ago but Jean had to set them on one side while she made other quilts... there's steady progress...  it's going to be a delicious quilt.
New Sue's making a kiddy play mat.. just like a quilt really. She's been saving all kinds of vehicle fabrics for a while... the idea is from the book, Seamingly Scrappy but we changed the sizes so that Sue didn't have to cut the fabrics too small.
Using up left over bits from making blocks, New Sue is making two lovely little pillows to accompany her wedding gift quilt
This is the second pillow... they're both for 16" cushions and will look great 'thrown' on to the main quilt... scattered... that's a better word... scattered on the wedding quilt!
Lady Judith is making a good recovery from her operation so was able to play with us for half a day... this is her Twister Heart cushion top ready for sandwiching and quilting...
Caverswall ladies are enjoying their Wednesday sewing days, pop over to their new blog to see what they are up to... these fabrics belong to Chatty Cathy... she's about to start something new... A bargello I believe...there'll be news about it on the blog I'm sure.

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