Friday 20 June 2014

Stitching News

Giggly Gillian's current project... It's going to be a door panel... like a wall hanging but specifically sized to fit one of Gillian's doors. The leaves have been cut out of one of my delicious Batik fabrics... the tree trunk will be a much better shape... that's just a piece of brown fabric folded to represent a trunk... you'll see next, next time...
Princess Jackie wanted to make a little seat cushion/pillow.
She loves to do appliqué and I wish I had taken a picture to show you how this pillow front looked by the end of class, sooooo cute... there was a butterfly, a sunshine, a tree... hopefully I can show you next time.
Rose, she of scone fame... always seems to pack up before I snap a picture of her work, I had to be alert to get this one... What you see here is part of a quilt she's making for a fundraising event... the block is called "Remember Me" and the colours are those used by the hospice... what a lovely idea.
Gail was kept nice and warm all, all day by her huge Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope quilt... it's so big that she couldn't keep it off her knees...
such rosy cheeks she had, all day!
New Sue is already half way through piecing this kiddo play mat that will be quite like a regular quilt. There was quite a bit of switching round of the rows to get everything even and all the fabrics spread out but success came eventually.
It will probably be finished next week eh! ha ha.
"Can I take a picture of your bag please Annbacan?" I asked
"Which one?" she replied as she got them all ready
Actually, two are those lovely desk tidy/pin cushions that Jenny Barlaston teaches, don't you love Ann's fabric choice?
Shall I tell you where she purchased it or can you guess?
PM Pam had purchased some owl fabric but she didn't want to cut it too small.
We pondered about that for a while and this is how it's coming along... lovely isn't it and best of all, Pam is very pleased with her quilt top.
There are borders to be added yet of course.
Just Jan wants to use up every little scrap of her yellows and greys. She had loads of triangles left over form making her quilt, so...  she made lots of HST's (Half SquareTriangles) which she is joining together an a happily-hap-hazzard way.
That's a bumper catch up post isn't it!

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