Sunday 1 June 2014

Sandwich Saturdays...

Many times people find it difficult, even painful, to make their quilt sandwiches, especially if they have to use the kitchen floor! Ooooch those ache-y backs and sore knees! That's why I, as the owner of a rather lovely little quilt shop, decided to be very helpful by keeping some Saturdays especially for sandwiching making, strictly sandwiches of the fabric variety! We push the tables together as needed and can accommodate even the largest of large quilts.  I sell assorted wadding on rolls, which is very convenient for you as it is not wrinkly and creased from being squished into a bag, like the pre-cut wadding you can buy... I cut just what you need in the moment, what more could you ask for?
New Sue had finished her Sweet Sixteen quilt top, made from 16- patch blocks with 16 coloured fabrics for her 16 year old granddaughter... what a lovely idea that is. Sue had booked her 10am slot with 6 tables and used Hobbs Heirloom, 100% Cotton wadding, 96 inches wide....
 I was hovering over Sue waiting to take a picture of her sandwich... after yesterdays palava! She suggested I take a shot from further away... to show my wonderful, very own, little quilt shop in the back ground... What a fabulous idea, ha... and here it is! Ahemmmm... I should say "here they are"... I just noticed there are two pictures of my wonderful shop in this post.... naughty me!
It's a lovely quilt... pinned and ready for quilting.
Sue decided to quilt this project with her walking foot, lots of these fabrics are from the new Lewis & Irene collection, pretty little things they are.

Princess Jackie came to make her Appliqué quilt sandwich. She had made an afternoon booking... we try to keep sandwich hours between 10am and 2pm.
Jackie's wadding of choice was Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 mix, which is 120" wide...
This stunning quilt is now ready to be quilted.
Not making a sandwich as this quilt is already quilted, My Mum Gwynneth and I used the tables to audition binding fabrics. Mum's going to use up the gorgeous diamond fabrics for the binding and we wanted to make sure they were in a perfect order.

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