Tuesday 4 November 2014

Fabulous And Finished

Barbie has one more block background to quilt before she can declare this quilt finally finished... but there's no doubt about it being 'Fab-u-lous'. We won't get to see the quilt again as it is to be gifted, Lick-etty-split... only two years late!! 
It's a beautiful and huge quilt... always a little tricky to get good pictures of larger bed sized projects... I should have filmed all the process so that you could here the conversation... it doesn't 'alf make your arms ache holding large quilts high enough and still enough... and believe me, the holder-uppers doing the work let us know!
The groans got more intense when I requested them to turn the quilt  around and to hold it up even longer so I could photograph Barbie's fabulous backing... ha ha ha!
All worth it though... just look at the back!!!
Toot toot toot Barbie, Fabulous!

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Maggi said...

This is a really great quilt.