Monday 10 November 2014

Special Offer This Week

I've decided to have a 

Purchase 1 Moda Layer Cake 
 1 Moda Jelly Roll...
 Take 1, 500yd spool of variegated  YLI  thread 
free of charge!!

Purchase 1 Moda Charm pack 
and take home one, 
100m spool of Precencia cotton thread,
 free of charge!

Obviously this offer can only last as long as my YLI stock lasts, normal price £5.95 per spool, or for one week ... unless I decide to do it for longer that is...
I like PMS (Pleasing My Self)
What a fabulous offer!

I've been to Ikea over the weekend... more shelving has been purchased and to make the job of changing shelves easier...I have put more fabric into my Temptation Trolleys!!! There are some great fabrics and, in my very own opinion,  worth collecting for backing your projects, inside of bags etc... now from £4.60... to £8.00

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