Tuesday 18 November 2014

Stitching News

Fabulous and Finished... toot toot toot
PM Pam is anticipating a baby boom in her life so she's getting ahead...
Hugs and Kisses are perfect for any new arrival
This is the back of Pam's quilt... great quilting!
This quilt has been made for a little fellow so, next on Pam's agenda must be a little lady quilt me thinks... you never know what colour baby is coming until it arrives do you... best be prepared!

PM Pam, like many others, has continued with the stocking making. This one will have a few little bits and bobs added but Pam wanted to experiment using only two fabrics... obviously... anything goes!
Christabelle has a fabulous finish too... toot toot toot...
a large and luxurious cushion...
I'm quite sure it's been made using a Moda Charm pack and a little PMS
We love it... Pleasing My Self is such fun

Oooooh Just Edna joined some of the new blocks together so we could preview the secondary pattern... I have to say that we were all delighted with the curvaceous thing (adjective... having an attractively curved shape..... but usually used for women!) ha ha ha
It might look lilke a messy set of tables to you but production was up
Monday Sheila produced many baubles and all these stockings...
 They are actually dog stockings for doggie treats...
she made them to donate for a charity stall

Just Jan's making a 3D folded cushion for a Christmas gift...
fabulous colours!

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