Wednesday 26 November 2014

Stocking News

Of course I meant Stitching News... but we are awash with Festive Stocking making in my very own quilt shop... I heard one lady declare that she was wishing that she hadn't attended the Double Day, Stocking and Bauble workshop recently... not that is wasn't a most fabulous fun day, oh no... it's that she's finding herself consumed with the urge and desire to make stockings for everyone! ho ho ho

The two on the right were made by our very own Jean Bean, two from the long list of people who will be receiving stocking gifts this year.
The stocking on the left, an up a bit, is only one of PM Pam's... see the doggie bone fabric... that's a clue... even the pets will be receiving festive goodies!
Ho ho ho indeed... one giant Festive Stocking... it's almost as tall an our Annbacan!...
 that's her standing by the side holding the stocking for the photograph...
what a hoot it was when the stocking appeared from Ann's bag!!
Plenty of room for Monkey Nuts and Satsumas!!
PM Pam has a Fabulous and Finished toot toot toot fanfare due...
It might well be a simple design, but it's been perfectly pieced
 and quilted with this very popular design of ours.
Just Jan has another tick on her long list of festive gifting things to make.
A fabulous and finished 3D folded cushion... with zip!
Toot toot toot Jan, another fabulous finish!

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