Saturday 15 November 2014

Workshop StitStitching News

Sue has offered to teach another fabulous workshop next year... which isn't so long away! Make 4 useful little bags in one day. Learning how to use a magnetic closure, insert a zip... posher than the way we do it for cushions, cover a button with your own fabric and a loopy thing for keeping your glasses in the case... what a lot! 
This is New Sue's finished 3D Folded cushion, she attended Sheila's workshop on Saturday and is very happy with the result... this cushion is fabulous and finished!!! toot toot toot
Gail gets a toot toot toot too... another fabulous and finished 3D Folded cushion...
obviously there's no cushion inside Gail's just yet...
She just finished it during her Tuesday class.
Merrily's 3D Folded cushion... finished during her Thursday class. it was the mitred borders... they are a little tricky to do because of all the layers needed for the 3D folding... It's finished now though... toot toot toot Merrily
This Terrific Twist and Turn Tote will be Sheila's next workshop.
We've had lots of requests from ladies wanting to learn how to do the fancy twisting bit so Sheila has used it on the pocket. There will also be one more 3D folded Cushion workshop... by popular demand!

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