Wednesday 12 November 2014

Stitching News

Jean Bean has finished quilting her splendid Stargazy Daizies... woooohoooo
She left most of the threads though so there's a few hours of work to do there... it's a great job for chilly evenings, keep your knees warm while you play!
Melissa is making a very cute Railfence beginner project but she's using 2 1/2" strips with a plan to make a baby play mat... she's got a little bundle in the making and she's very excited!
Close your mouth!! I know... WOW!
Jeannette Dilly is at it again... WOW!
This is only the quilt centre... there's a lot more coming.
This is one of the many blocks for the first border...
 Jeannette will be queen of 'Y' seams when she's done!
Josie spent her time stitching with a zig-zag...
these teddy appliqué pictures have Josie hooked,
Kids Quilts patterns are very popular... they make you smile!
Jeannette Milly declared that she had finished her Hexagon quilt top.
It's a Jelly Roll pattern but Milly cut her own 2 1/2" strips from a shiny/glitter-y fabric. She's going to trim the edges straight before adding a border.
In between all those 'Y' seams and stars, Jeannette Dilly is appliquéing all sorts of vehicles for another project.... I think you would have known that though... this digger would have looked out of place on the pink and grey Lone Star eh!!
This is a funny angle I know... but the larger quilts are tricky to get photos of. It's Merrily's memory quilt for her grandson. She's been adding double sided binding and, I do believe, there will be a need for our polished trumpets next Thursday.

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Maggi said...

Great results and the stagy piece is gorgeous. It can take as long to deal with the threads as it takes to do the quilting. I tend to do a batch at a time which stops them getting in the way as I'm quilting.