Sunday 2 November 2014

Stitching New

Princess Jackie has most of the quilting sorted out. After a few ideas were bounced around about how to quilt the cloudy fabric areas she cracked on to the finish line. This is another pattern from Kids Quilts, though Jackie hasn't stuck to the original pattern... it's PMS... Pleasing My Self! it's almost tooting time for this quilt.

Morning Judith popped in to my very own, and rather lovely, quilt shop to show us how happy she is with her purple borders... We had experimented will all sorts of greens, reds and neutrals before landing on this Aubergine-y purple.
Judith used the Split-9 Patch design, 
Peggy had gathered quite a few small pieces of fabric after making several little quilts, you know the ones, trimmings from the crusts, left overs from the binding etc. She's been busy at home and 
has trimmed loads to either 2" or 4" squares to make a quilt with them...
Di Butterfly continued making her little Christmas 'bunts'... each one is a mini quilt really with wadding and backing fabric. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas... it's only a few weeks away now. Di's bunting will be finished in good time
Brenda was quite impressed with the way we make binding, stitch it on and... no matter what the angel of a corner... we get a perfect mitre, on both sides.
She saved the hand stitching for a home on the sofa job so that she could continue work on her Split-9 Patch quilt.
Brenda Barbara has all of her appliqué pieces in place and wanted to sort out the words. She purchased a small piece of Vilene Tear Away stabiliser, traced the letters onto it then stitched, Licketty-Split... with embroidery thread, we love helpful products like Tear Away Stabiliser!!!...  

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