Tuesday 25 November 2014

Sandwich Saturday

Lady Judith's most beautiful Love Star quilt is so huge, two and a half metres square-ish, that it really needed more tables. The problem there though, is that none of us, even the taller ladies, can reach the centre to put the pins in...
We've another option... pin the quilt in two uneven halves! It works ever so well and saves any of us from having to get stuck after climbing up onto a table!!
Judith needs this quilt ready for festive gifting...
but there are 8 advent panel calendars to be finished first!
Fay came to show us her super Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope quit progress. This is Fay's first ever project, she's done an amazing job... it's tricky learning to rotary cut through 8 layers!! She went home with binding fabric and will use the Binding tutorials, found on the tabs at the top of my blog.
A very simple quilt.. for PM Pam it is anyway. She's making it for a special little four legged family member... even dogs need quilts to snuggle up to!
A Snowman table runner, also belongs to PM Pam. She was choosing backing fabric and binding so that she could get this lovely quilt top sandwiched and finished.
I pressed the wrong button yesterday and these pictures appeared without my words... though some might think "Yippeeee" about that... I decided to write it all again... how very kind of me eh!

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