Friday 18 April 2008

All Day Sewing With PIP's

Today was brilliant! Regina came to join us.... we have really missed her and everyone was very happy to have her back with us. She has been fabric shopping and quilting with friends in Miami. Regina is in the middle here with Sally and Anneliese, note Anneliese has lots of 2 1/2" strips on the table in front of her... the start of her Scrappy Bargello....

Already sewn together ,32 strips being careful ironed, the ironing is very important on a Bargello.

Here Anneliese has the strip all lined up and is cutting into the final strip sets, by the end of the day she went home with half the quilt almost done.
here also, is Milly chatting (her speciality) to Ursula and Sally who was working on her
Chunky Churndash project.

This is Ann, she is working on the double Irish chain.

Jutta was working an a fabulous bright yellow and black quilt.

This is Jackie with her oriental table runner top. You can just see Garen in the background, she was quilting her "Turning Twenty" quilt with all the designs that we learned at the Jenny Bowker workshop in Caldas.

This is Milly working on her Double Irish Chain.

Jutta's quilt top finished, lovely and bright!

Milly's Double Irish Chain ... coming together now!

Ursula's Mystery Quilt top, today Ursula pieced lots of leftover fabrics to make a stunning back for this quilt.

So, I don't think I could have gathered any more evidence that everyone worked hard on their projects and had a thoroughly brilliant day. Lunch was a banquet too... I'm sorry if you missed it!


Nopingwin n pops said...

Great to see Regina back safely. Have the strips of fabric being ironed been stretched??

Angie said...

No duckie, they were folded in half in the first photo!