Tuesday 22 April 2008

My Mum

My Mum makes Torchon lace, it uses lots of bobbins. This particular project used 50 pairs, that is 100 bobbins, that have to be prepared and wound with the thread. She has been collecting bobbins for years, My Dad has made many of them and some are painted by her grandchildren... my children, adults now. Mum puts the glass bead spangles on the bottom, they are lovely. They sound lovely too when they are all clinking together when Mum works with them.

Today she has this project almost finished and is just tying off the 100 threads used. This project was done with Tanne 30 weight thread. Threads have to be sewn into the main body of the doily first - then they need to be tied off, the ends need to be eased into the work - discreetly. All the work is secured with these tiny brass pins. It is such a pretty craft. My Mum makes it look so easy when she does it.

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