Tuesday 15 April 2008

Labels & Chunky Chocolate

Yesterday, after doing my chores, I made the backing for my Scrappy Bargello. It took a while because I have no faith in my math calculations... but, finally, the sandwich is made... with an abundance of pins, now it needs to be quilted. I plan to take it along to the "All Day Sew In" on Friday. This Bargello project will be quilted using my walking foot and straight-ish lines so it shouldn't take too long to finish, it's easy! This week for the IWP Quilt ladies, I have promised to demonstrate 'how to make labels', A Quilt is not finished until it has a label attached!! So, as I was getting the necessary things in order, I decided to catch up on my own label making. This is not my favourite part of the quilt making process, so I have many to do. Today I made 10!!!! and I still need to make 4 more!!! Here they are on my light box. I'll use some fancy thread and pretty Bernina stitches for borders, just because I can! At the next two day PIP camp 9th & 10th May, we will be making the Chunky Churndash design, I have decided to use chocolate browns and hand dyed fabrics for my quilt. I have already made the label... "Chunky Chocolate, to Dye for!" and that makes me smile!


Quinta da Quilter said...

Wow! Yummy!

Nopingwin n pops said...

How about using some 'lemons'