Sunday 20 April 2008

Catching Up...

Yesterday we celebrated the 600th Birthday of the Lisbon Hash House Harriers. We had a coach take 55 Hashers to Montemor O Novo, where we hashed a trail, in both rain and shine, for some 7 kms. We then went to a restaurant for a fun and action packed dinner. It was a very jolly journey back to Estoril, singing and making very merry! So no sewing for me all day Saturday.

Today I continued quilting my Scrappy Bargello, I have about a third of it done now, I started it at the PIP sew in on Friday.
I am using the walking foot so it is all very easy.

I made a start on the Chunky Chocolate to 'Dye' For project. I will get enough done to use to demonstration it then box it up until the PIP two day camp on the 9th & 10th May.

Whilst making the hour glass blocks I snipped of the 'dog ears' to keep it all neat and tidy. These scraps I do not keep, though there are things that can be made with them..... I am not going there!!!

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